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They demonstrated their expertise and I will definitely use them again.

Unlike most other lenders, Roma Finance made significant efforts to understand my objectives for the project.

I was delighted with their speed and professional approach.

Roma Finance liaised with both myself and the borrower every step of the way.

Their process was quick and they delivered what they said they would.

A bridging loan in 2 days. They do what they say they will! Refreshing!

They have expert property knowledge and truly understand the benefits of bridging finance.

Case Studies

Please click on the links (images) below to read actual case studies from real borrowers. These are used with permission and demonstrate the variety of uses for bridging finance and the speed of service that Roma Finance provides.

All property images are from real case studies that we have financed.

An unmortgageable challenge

Roma Finance received a challenging case from Your Expert Group, a multi-channel specialist finance organisation, working with a long standing, trusted mortgage adviser. The situation was highly time sensitive and involved a borrower, who as an experienced landlord with income producing properties, was looking to add to their portfolio. They purchased a property at auction and were proceeding down a straight forward mortgage route with a high street lender. The borrower undertook minor refurbishment works during the mortgage application process which unfortunately left the property unmortgageable with the original lender. The borrowers were left with a fast approaching deadline from the auction house, the potential loss of their deposit and money spent on works and an apparently unmortgageable property with no funding. Your Expert Group and the mortgage adviser explained the option of bridging finance instead of a standard mortgage and discussed the case with the team at Roma Finance. On receipt of the case we determined we would be working with experienced people who had a clear plan for a good income producing opportunity. Using AVM technology we were able to offer the customer the loan they required at 70% LTV enabling them to complete the purchase of the property and the high standard of works they planned including a new kitchen, bathroom and boiler. George Tuffin, Bridging Specialist for Roma Finance said: “Right from the outset, as a collective we had a clear goal to ensure this customer received the outcome they needed. The team at Your Expert Group are very experienced and were very efficient, providing us with everything we needed to enable us to stick to the timescales promised and provide a smooth service. They are a pleasure to deal with and I am looking forward to working with them on a regular basis.” Nathan Ellis-Calcott, Director of Lending at Your Expert Group commented: “This is the first time we have worked with Roma Finance and it will certainly not be the last. This case was a significant challenge and the consequences to the customer had finance not been found would have left them severely out of pocket. The team at Roma Finance have been exceptional, ensuring everything was done by the book and in a timely manner to ensure we hit the completion deadline. Our adviser and customer have also been delighted and this has resulted in incremental business. I am looking forward to continuing this partnership with Roma Finance.”...

Case Study: Falling into Step

It is the perfect result when a lender, intermediary and customer fall into step with each other to achieve the exact desired end result and complete a property project with maximum profit on time. Perfection is improved upon when all parties come together again for the next project and then again for another; which is exactly what happened in this case. At Roma Finance we do all we can to structure cases to create the best possible solution for our customer and work with our intermediaries and partners to ensure a flawless service is delivered. We were approached by our partner, Gordon Duffy, of Business Funding Expert, with the case of a qualified carpenter and experienced housebuilder, Mr Blanchflower, looking to purchase a plot of land with planning permission, to build two detached houses. As a rule, Roma do things differently by underwriting the customer before the asset. His experience demonstrated 15 successful builds in the previous few years and a genuine expertise and drive to get the projects completed. The first loan of £486,000, to purchase the land and complete the works, was funded in April 2019. The build went to plan and both properties were sold within the timescales and the loan fully repaid in February 2020. Our customer was delighted and with Business Funding Expert, came back to us with the next project within a month of redemption of the first loan. The second project with Roma was a similar setup; a purchase of land with planning permission with the intention of constructing two 3-bed semi-detached homes. Due to our previous experience with intermediary partner, Business Funding Expert and our customer, the loan for £302,000 was processed quickly during lockdown. We remained in step with both parties throughout the project, providing support with the challenging climate. The project has been successful and the loan has been partially redeemed, with one property sold and the other projected to complete shortly. We have established no party is keen to stand still and we have just arranged a third loan of £246,000, again flying through to a quick completion to allow the purchase of land and construction of another detached house. Following the first completion Mr Blanchflower commented, “Roma were very easy and a friendly bunch to deal with. I am very happy with their service - it was spot on. The service they provided was exactly how it should be and I would definitely deal with them again.” The proof is clear, now we are on our third development project within 18 months. All the loans provided have been secured with a second charge on our customers residential home to provide leverage and all have been conducted through his limited company. The first two loans had ‘deferred consideration’ meaning he didn’t pay fully for the land on day one – it was deferred until the houses were sold.  This was simply due to cash flow. He did have considerable equity in his residential home and Roma took a second charge on it to allow us to provide the loan amount required. Now the customer has completed two successful projects, he has generated cash and ‘deferred consideration’ is no longer an issue. This is a prime example of the success that can be had when lenders, intermediaries and customers work in unison, providing clear transparent information and keeping the lines of communication firmly open. Gordon Duffy, director of Business Funding Expert said, “It is always fantastic when plans fall into place and you can develop a strong rapport with both client and lender. Roma’s customer centric values are very much aligned with my own – service is paramount. We have a great working relationship and Roma’s ability to make individual decisions and listen to each set of circumstances make them a great business to partner with.” Daniel Hill, divisional sales manager at Roma added “All of these cases have been a pleasure to deal with and Business Funding Expert and the borrower have very clear and well thought out goals. Our flexible underwriting methods allowed us to structure the cases to suit the customer and give him the means to maximise the profit within each project. I am looking forward to seeing the results of this current project and starting on the next one.”...

Roma Finance provides support through the global pandemic

Roma Finance’s COVID extension programme has proved supportive and helped an experienced borrower get the best possible outcome in a time of need. The loan of £127,000 was for the auction purchase of a 3-bed terrace in need of renovation with the aim of converting it into a 4-bed HMO over an initial 7 month period. The project was going efficiently and the borrower had just secured the last tenant into the property, which had been renovated to a very high standard. The plan was to refinance onto a buy-to-let solution, when suddenly the world pandemic ‘COVID 19’ hit and lockdown was announced. Despite the challenging situation, Roma Finance acted quickly by introducing a 3-month extension for exposed customers, such as this case, that needed the extra support in these uncertain circumstances. This allowed the borrower extra time to refinance onto a buy-to-let product. The borrower was extremely grateful that we were able to offer the extension and advised that it wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t allowed the extra leeway to refinance. They were experiencing delays with valuers visiting the property due to the restrictions the government had put in place and other lenders had gone straight in with default fees as soon as the original expiry had passed, contributing little to support their existing clients. They commented ‘’ We have worked with Roma on two occasions now, using their bridging finance and have had great service. When we couldn't refinance off of the bridge due to COVID 19 they were really understanding and allowed us to extend our loan with no penalties. We are already in the process of organising a bridging loan with them for our next project and would definitely recommend them to other property developers.’’ Bethany Brook, Customer Services Manager commented ‘’ Having assisted this existing borrower with the COVID extension we have gained loyalty and repeat business, confirming that Roma Finance puts the customer’s needs first ensuring their requirements are met and supporting them end to end no matter the circumstances. We have another happy, satisfied customer who has now managed to secure the refinance they had hoped for, as well as a referral who advised Roma’s feedback was glowing and wanted to give us a try.’...

Quick turnaround for pandemic auction purchase

Roma Finance received a case from Donna Wells at First 4 Bridging for a customer who had purchased a property at auction and had less than a week to complete. The customer was an experienced landlord who had purchased a four-bedroom detached, Grade II listed property. First 4 Bridging approached Roma Finance with the case due to our flexibility and speed. The customer needed to complete in under one week due to delays working with other lenders and was looking to borrow 100% of the funds of £144,000, to purchase the property. There were minimal works to be completed and the exit strategy was to add the property to the portfolio and rent it out. Despite the challenging circumstances of the pandemic, Roma was able to quickly provide an Agreement in Principle and progress the finance within the 7-day deadline the auction house required. On reviewing the valuation reports and assessing the background and assets of the customer, Roma agreed to the borrowing in exchange for additional security which was to place a second charge against the customer’s residential property. Daniel Hill, Divisional Sales Manager for Roma Finance said: “The clock was ticking on this case due to the nature of the purchase, thanks to the technological advances made internally and the experience of the Roma team we were able to move quickly. We were delighted to work with First 4 Bridging and the borrower – who were both a pleasure to deal with - and we all worked as a team to achieve our objectives.” Donna Wells, Director at First 4 Bridging commented: “The nature of this case made Roma Finance an obvious option for this particular client. Roma’s cutting-edge technology helps simplify and speed up the application process, and the ability of its underwriters to quickly understand the experience and requirements of the client proved key to a speedy and highly satisfactory outcome.”  ...

Roma Finance rescues Scottish property developer from insolvency

Roma Finance, the bridging, buy to let and development lender, stepped in and acted quickly to help a developer who was facing impending insolvency on a site that urgently needed a cash injection to get it completed. The development was for two superb new executive detached chalet villas situated on the outskirts of Kelty with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The properties have excellent local amenities and offer easy commuting to Edinburgh and Perth. When the relationship with their existing lender had become untenable, the customer was referred to Roma by a contact in Galbraiths and after discussing the case direct with the customer an Agreement In Principle was issued and a site meeting arranged the next day. This was because the developer was heavily personally invested in the project and continued to progress works on site with their own resources.  Upon meeting the client on site, Roma could see the works to date were completed to a very high standard and the project represented a relatively low LTV. The customer required a responsive and pro-active lender to step in and support them to complete the project.  After the site visit with the customer, Roma issued loan documents and were able to obtain a retype of a valuation carried out for another lender, which reduced the customer’s overall fees. At legal stage it was noted the charge with their existing lender had yet to be registered with the Scottish Land Register which meant the deal had to be restructured between the solicitors.  Roma took it upon themselves to liaise with the existing lender to confirm the current position, the challenges faced by their charge not yet being registered and their proposed lending solution. This meant the existing lender held off instructing their solicitor to prevent insolvency proceedings.  At a late stage in the process it came to light that the paperwork was not in place for Scottish Water to connect the properties, which were required for Roma’s solicitors to sign off the loan. However, Roma contacted Scottish Water and got a verbal decision within 24 hours which meant the loan could be made on the proviso of a retention until the final paperwork was in place. Roma agreed a loan of £400k to redeem the existing lender and provide working capital. The term was nine months and the LTV was 60% on day one falling to below 50% on completion of works. The exit route for the bridging loan is to be the sale of the properties which are now being marketed and have received strong interest due to the high quality of the build. Allan Smith, Business Development Manager at Roma Finance, said: ”This was a complex case as it was initially very personal to the developer who faced the threat of insolvency on what was actually a very viable and high quality project. I was able to see the potential for the development and the sale of the two desirable properties generating a good level of profit as demand would be high in the local area. I liaised with the previous lender to demonstrate our solution would work within the tight time frame and I’m very pleased at successfully achieving such a positive outcome for the customer.” Michael Maloco, the developer’s solicitor, commented: “We represented a client facing a number of challenges and looming deadlines.  Roma, and in particular Allan Smith, made a point of driving the process in order to ensure that our clients funding came through and a crisis was averted.  Their pragmatic, solution-led approach was the key difference between Roma’s handling of the matter and other lenders with whom we have dealt.  I’d have no hesitation in recommending Roma to other developers and their professional advisers.” ...

Fast Finance for a property auction purchase

Roma Finance received an introduction from Michael Gallagher of Y3S Loans for a customer who had just bought a 2-bed terrace property in Cardiff at auction and needed funds quickly to complete the sale within the required timescale. The customer had already paid a 10% deposit on a sale price of £170k but estimated that after refurbishment it would be valued at £220k. They were using their own funds for the refurbishment which was mainly cosmetic such as stripping walls, decorating and laying new carpets. Despite the enquiry coming in just before the Christmas holidays, Roma were able to quickly provide an Agreement in Principle and progress the finance within the 28 day deadline the auction house required. After meeting the customer, Roma were able to provide a bridging loan of £127,500 over a 6 months term.  To exit the bridge at the end of the term the customer planned to sell the property. Due to the light refurbishment need and demand for properties in the area they were confident they could get the property ready to sell quickly for a profit. Michael Gallagher of Y3S Loans said: ‘’Great service on the case. Terms were agreed within hours which allowed the client to complete on purchase at auction within the 28 days, even taking the Christmas break into account.’’ George Tuffin, Bridging Specialist at Roma Finance, commented: “It was a pleasure working on this case with Y3S Loans and an experienced customer. Roma Finance has vast experience in providing finance for auction purchases. Even though the property had already been bought and the clock was ticking, we were able to move quickly. We were delighted to provide finance on this case and to work with a customer who had a clear objective to refurbish and sell to make a profit within a 6 month time frame.”...

Roma Finance lend £716k re-bridge for a development opportunity

Roma Finance, the bridging and development lender, provided 100% funding for a customer to acquire a development site with planning permission.  The case was introduced by Positive Lending for a customer looking to refinance their bridging loan on a property in Watford. They had purchased the property for £805k in December 2018 and applied for planning to develop two houses on the plot which was declined.  The customers subsequently applied for one house of 6,000 square feet, which was granted. The customer is now selling the site with the benefit of planning but is also at the same time going back to planning to get two semi-detached properties approved. Roma also took additional security on a residential property to give the customer 100% funding to repay their existing bridging loan £645k. The loan was completed in just ten days, well within the deadline the customer needed. The term of the bridge was nine months and the exit will be the sale of the site, with planning. The site is currently on the market for sale at £1.2m. Daniel Hill, Divisional Sales Manager at Roma Finance, commented: “This was an interesting case as it had several different requirements from the customer. After meeting them and looking at the viability of the transaction it was clear that the site with planning permission would be a very profitable development. Planning for one detached dwelling was obtained and they’re currently looking to get this updated to two semi-detached to improve the profitability further. This was a complex case but we managed to arrange 100% funding, with additional security, in the time frame the customer was aiming for.” James Oldham, Specialist Lending Manager at Positive Lending, said: “Roma completed on a re-bridge for a client of mine. The client needed to move fast, otherwise they would be going on to a default rate with their existing lender. Dan Hill and Adrian France had enabled this loan to progress at speed and got this case over the line within the time scale required. As always they were very prompt with responses and were always on hand to ensure the smooth processing of this case. Thanks again guys.”...

Roma Finance provides 100% funding for semi-commercial development

A stunning testimonial on completion of our largest ever loan

Roma Finance was delighted to provide a bridging loan of £1.85m in our largest ever case. The loan was for Arcot Grange Developments Ltd, to acquire a partly built residential site in Cramlington near Newcastle. Arcot were the contractor on the site and had the opportunity to buy it, which they did with the funding from Roma. The loan assisted in the purchase plus gave funds to finish off three high quality barn conversions. There are also seven building plots on site, which Arcot intends to build out and sell in the future. Current value of the site is around £3m and GDV £4.75m. The exit route for the bridging loan will be from the sale of the barn conversions. Chris Blackwell, Business Development Manager at Synergy Commercial Finance Ltd, said: “As I’m sure you’re aware, we’ve recently completed the facility for Arcot Grange Developments Ltd so thanks for Roma’s assistance on this one. It was a great deal for all concerned and a great outcome for the client but as usual, these things are never straight forward! “I just wanted to highlight the service and professionalism of both Simon Micklethwaite and Samantha Williamson who were key to the whole process. “Simon has been, and continues to be, my main point of entry to Roma in the first instances of a deal, advising me of the art of the possible on what Roma will and won’t do! Nearly all BDMs I interact, whilst pleasant, are chasing enquiries, deals, progression – often chasing for chasings sake quite frankly. Simon is different however, allowing a level of maturity that the relationship is a strong one and that I can be trusted to do my job of getting the deals progressed. We keep in contact regularly but at no point does he come across as trying to force deals through or push things forward at anything other than their own pace. I would have expected a level of ‘desperation’ (probably the wrong turn of phrase) given the debt quantum involved in this transaction but Simon treated this deal like any other; progressing cases where appropriate and smoothing the process where possible. Whilst Simon’s approach is to treat everyone like adults, it is quite refreshing in an industry which works on pressure and overbearing contact. “Samantha was the senior underwriter on this transaction and quite honestly, without her input, the transaction would likely have failed in the early stages given the several different guises the transaction took along the way. Her knowledge is second to none, but similar to Simon, acts with an air of confidence and calmness, rarely seen in the industry at present. Samantha found a way to do the deal rather than looking for ways to decline (I’m sure she could have easily found several in the early stages!). She gave regular updates where applicable, liaised with all parties and kept the transaction ticking along towards eventual completion. “Both Simon and Samantha are a credit to Roma and the industry as a whole and deserve any and all plaudits they may receive from the completion of the facility, this testimonial or any other positivity which may arise from this situation. “Whilst I did not need to send this testimonial as I’ve made my feelings known to Simon and Samantha individually, far too often only the negatives are often highlighted but in this instance it is very much the positives which need to be celebrated! “I look forward to many future deals with Simon, Samantha and Roma – thanks for your support on this one and I look forward to many more to come!” [gallery columns="2" link="none" size="medium" ids="2207,2208"]...

Fast finance for a buy to let re-bridge

Roma Finance, the bridging and development finance lender, provided fast finance for customers needing a re-bridge for a buy to let property in Kent.  The introduction came from Loan.co.uk for customers who had delays in getting the property onto the rental market as they were going through a divorce shortly after completing the refurbishment works. They had a 1st charge bridge with another lender for £158,000 on a property with an Open Market Value of £250,000. The incumbent lender had already extended the original loan from 12 months to 18 months but the borrowers were unhappy with the additional charges, so were looking to refinance.  Other lenders were approached but couldn’t lend in the timescales and on the terms suitable to the customers.  When approached about the customers’ situation, Roma Finance were able to proceed with the loan and arranged separate borrower meetings to fit with borrowers personal lives within 24 hours of fees being paid and at the same time legals and valuation were instructed.  The loan was complete in the time scale required and was for £184,000 over a 9 month term. The exit route was to sell the property and this was achieved very quickly when the house went on the market.  Daniel Hill, Divisional Sales Manager at Roma Finance, said: “This was an interesting case to work on as we needed to not only progress the loan quickly but also be aware of the customers’ personal circumstances. The property was a good buy to let proposition so we didn’t hesitate in moving the application forward. The onward sale will cover the exit and make a profit for the couple to move on with their lives.” Tom Hill, Head of Bridging and Commercial at Loan.co.uk said: “Thanks for all the hard work. It was a really well worked case and relatively stress free - how bridging should be done. Once again it was a pleasure to work with Roma Finance. Daniel Hill and Samantha Williamson communicated perfectly with all parties involved which lead to a quick and efficient completion and an enjoyable customer journey."...

Fast bridging finance for commercial auction purchase

Roma Finance, the bridging and development finance lender, provided funds in a short time scale for a commercial unit being purchased at a property auction.  The introduction came from the broker Bespoke Business Finance, who had a customer needing bridging finance to purchase a commercial unit without planning, in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. The customer will seek to obtain planning and refinance to complete the conversion into an HMO and flats.  Roma agreed the finance and had the money ready in time for the property auction which the customer bid on and won on the day.  Roma provided £115,000 over a 9 month term at 70% LTV. The exit is planned to be development finance with Roma once the planning is received and works have started and Roma will contact the broker prior to the end of the term.  Daniel Hill, Divisional Sales Manager at Roma Finance, said: “Having reviewed the client’s proposal for converting a commercial unit to residential accommodation, I could see this was a viable proposition with good ongoing income from renting the completed units. We organised the money quickly so it was available in time for the property auction and will work further with the broker and the customer to provide finance for them to complete this exciting project.” Marc Champ of Bespoke Business Finance commented: “From start to finish, Roma have been efficient, informative and delivered the right result for the customer within the defined timescales. The team have been friendly and professional throughout. Even though this recent deal began with a challenge this was overcome in a sensible way and the quick process delivered funds in time for this auction purchase. Both myself, as the broker, and my customer have been impressed by Roma’s service and look forward to a long lasting relationship."...

Roma Finance advances £643k for luxury development site

Roma Finance, the specialist bridging and development lender, has lent £643,500 for a detached former maltings and warehouse to be converted into five luxury residential units. The introduction came from Positive Lending and after quickly assessing the case and meeting the customer, an initial advance of £161,500 was provided with the rest of the funds to be released in stages. The customer acquired the unique property for just £300,000 but with the Gross Development Value being £1.17m the business plan for the scheme shows an excellent profit can be made after the conversion works are complete. The site will ultimately comprise four town houses and one duplex apartment with parking. The bridging loan is over a twelve month term and the exit will be the sale of the units, which will be highly sought after and will sell quickly.  Daniel Hill, Divisional Sales Manager at Roma Finance, commented: “This was a tremendous case to work on as the business plan for the property conversion into separate dwellings showed that it was a high value development with potential to be very profitable. We were able to make the initial stage payment straightaway after we looked at the project and met the customer and other tranches of funds will be released as the site progresses. With such a high value onward sale of the houses the exit for the bridge is clear as they will sell quickly in the local market. The customer is an experienced developer and should make a very good profit with this project.” James Oldham, Specialist Lending Manager at Positive Lending, said: “Thank you again to Daniel Hill and Adrian France who have both helped to facilitate a refurbishment bridge on a Malt House. Clients were very happy and as always communication was second to none.” ...

Roma Finance deliver funding for new build bungalow in just 5 days

Roma Finance, the bridging and development lender, provided funding for a new build bungalow in just five days. The introduction came from Business Funding Expert who had a customer looking to acquire the new bungalow in Norwich.  Roma visited the site and saw that there was a high demand for properties of this type locally.  The customer was looking for £273,000 to help with cash flow to acquire the property and carry out some light refurbishment. On completion the property would be valued at £420,000 and sold on completion to pay off the bridge. Roma provided the funds over a nine month term and were able to complete the transaction in just five working days.  Daniel Hill, Divisional Sales Manager at Roma Finance, said: “It was a pleasure to work on this case and help a customer who needed the finance quickly to acquire this property. It’s a high quality property and the local market is buoyant for this type of bungalow so it will sell quickly and the customer will make a profit on the sale.” Gordon Duffy at Business Funding Expert commented: “When helping customers with their borrowing requirements we always say that we will look for the best deal for them.  That doesn’t equate to “cheap” but using lenders who understand the transaction, can expedite matters to meet deadlines and to work with the client to ensure everyone is happy with the deal.  I am pleased to say that Daniel Hill at Roma Finance worked his socks off to make sure the bridging facility we were arranging on behalf of our mutual customer went ahead without any issues!”...

Bridging in 5 days to purchase a mixed-use property

Roma Finance acted quickly to deliver bridging finance for a customer who had been let down by another lender who took too long to issue terms and instruct legals and the valuation. The borrower required the funding to purchase a mixed-use property in Birmingham comprising a ground floor commercial unit with a flat above, both in need of refurbishment. However, as the borrower is an experienced builder they will carry out the works and already has tenants lined up for both units.  The enquiry came from Castlehill Capital on a Monday morning and Roma issued and secured a DIP for the borrower by 2pm the same day. The lawyers were able to complete the necessary paperwork and the loan was ready to drawdown just five minutes before the borrower’s deadline of 12pm on the Friday. Roma Finance provided the £86,000 bridging loan with a term of 12 months at 70% LTV. The exit will be refinancing onto a longer term commercial mortgage.  Sean Robertson, lending director at Castlehill Capital, said: “The speed with which Roma Finance was able to put all the necessary requirements in motion was astonishing. The real game-changer was getting its BDM to prioritise the case and drop everything and head to Birmingham the next day to get the client’s application completed.” George Tuffin, BDM at Roma Finance, commented: “Roma prides itself on being able to deliver on what it says it will and to lend with integrity. As the deadlines were extremely tight, having a great relationship with Sean at Castlehill enabled us to have clear direction from the outset. As we title insure most of our loans, our streamlined legal process ensured all parties were working to the same deadline for the borrower."...

Turning a leasehold property into a freehold

Roma Finance were approached by the introducer John Charcol to see if finance could be provided for one of their customers who had a complex proposition for buying a residential property on which he already owns the freehold. The customer is a property professional who regularly buys the freehold rights to properties, then looks to buy the property as well to boost the overall value for when they are sold as freehold properties.  In this particular case, he was looking to buy a leasehold property in Solihull for £76,000 which had 83 years remaining on the lease. He already owns the freehold, valued at £43,000, so will be able to increase the value to £119,000, but the plan is also to modernise the property and then sell it fully renovated as a freehold house for approximately £140,000.  After meeting the customer and talking through the case, Roma were able to provide £89,000 over a twelve month term for the initial purchase and to fund the refurbishment. As the house will be sold when refurbished the bridging loan will be paid off with the sale.  Daniel Bowles of John Charcol said: “Samantha and Rachel, thank you so much for your help through this complex and non-standard deal. Your knowledge, guidance and attention to detail is impeccable, by far the smoothest bridge that I have completed in a long time! I will definitely be in touch when the next deal lands on my desk.“ Rachel Pollock, Bridging Specialist at Roma Finance commented: “Despite this being one of the most complicated cases I’ve worked on, the team at Roma were able to work through the issues and found a way to resolve all of the complexities involved in buying a leasehold property and turning it into a freehold house ready for sale. It was a pleasure to work with an experienced property developer who had found a niche in the market and was very successful at turning this kind of property around for a profit.”...

Roma Finance deliver funds for multiple unit mixed use purchase

Roma Finance, the specialist bridging and commercial lender, moved quickly to deliver the funding needed for the purchase of a multiple unit mixed use property in just six days. The introduction came from Harvey Bowes Financial Services after they had worked for weeks to get the three titles for the various units agreed with the vendor and the receiver ready for an agreed purchase. Contracts were exchanged with just six days to the agreed completion. The property, in Ebbw Vale, comprised twelve flats and four retail shops and were to be bought to be retained for long term income. Having met with the introducer and customer, Roma Finance quickly determined this was a viable transaction with a good business plan. The properties were being bought for £404,000 and was a deal too good miss, as it was being bought well below the current market value (confirmed by a RICS valuation) and a great fit for the customer’s portfolio. Once purchased the property would be worth £630,000 with nine of the tenanted units already generating ongoing rental income. Roma agreed a three month bridge for £282,000 and paid out funds in just six days. The loan was to be repaid by refinancing to the Cambridge & Counties Bank. Simon Micklethwaite, Senior BDM at Roma Finance, said: “As a regular introducer to us, Harvey Bowes already knew how quickly and efficiently Roma could assess a project and provide funding even for the most complex cases. When I looked at the case I knew Roma would be able to help, particularly as so much work had already gone in to sorting out the titles for the various units. Our Fast Track service meant that we were well placed to provide the funding within the tight deadline.” Howard Bowes of Harvey Bowes Financial services, commented: “I knew this case would put pressure on the lender to get the funding in place in such a short time scale. In these situations, there is only one lender I trust to deliver the speedy service needed and that’s Roma Finance. Roma and their legal team worked with us closely, even over a weekend, and pulled out all stops to ensure we completed on time. We placed a heavy task on ourselves and the conveyancing solicitors, but even more so on the lender to get the deal done in six working days from start to finish, but Roma stepped up to the mark once again. “This is yet another example of where working with the right lender, with the right knowhow can deliver even in the tightest deadlines to secure the very best property deals.” ...

Roma Finance and Key Commercial combine on BTL renovation

Roma Finance, the bridging and development finance lender, has provided bridging funding for a buy to let renovation property. Working closely with Key Commercial Finance, the specialist commercial broker based in Huddersfield, Roma were able to help the customer, who found the property on an online auction and was a first time developer. The property, near Halifax, was partly completed and needed some renovation works to be finished as the initial developer pulled out of the project. The property is ideal for investment, having three bedrooms and sitting in a generous plot of land, and it is expected to be much sought after on the rental market. The loan was for £120,000 over nine months to acquire the property, with the exit being to refinance on to a buy to let mortgage. To help fund the renovation works the customer sold one of his other properties to release money to complete the project. Gross Development Value was £235,000 with an excellent opportunity for rental. Simon Micklethwaite, Business Development Manager at Roma Finance, commented: “Working with a customer who was a first time property developer, I made sure I was their dedicated point of contact. Upon meeting the customer and going through the plans for the project I was satisfied that the transaction would yield favourable returns, particularly with such a well located property that would perform well in the local buy to let market. “The customer was very happy with both the speed at which the finance was delivered and the high level of service myself and the Roma team provided at every stage of the application through to completion.” Vicki Walker of Key Commercial Finance, said: “We were introduced to the client via a residential mortgage broker who was unable to arrange a buy to let mortgage as the property wasn’t complete. Through Roma we arranged a nine month bridge at 70% LTV to enable the customer to secure the purchase. He will fund the work to complete the property and once finished, the residential broker will proceed with a buy to let mortgage.” ...

Roma Finance lends £356k in just 4 days for new build flat

Roma Finance, the bridging and development finance lender, has provided bridging funding in just four days for a new build flat. The customer came to Roma via Loan.co.uk looking for fast finance to purchase a new build buy to let investment flat in Colindale, London.  When Roma met with the customer, as they do on all cases to help structure the transaction, the business plan showed good rental income and yields, with the luxury flat able to generate £1,700 per month.  The flat was also in a good location with excellent transport links around the capital, with a value in excess of £500,000.  Roma lent £356,000 in just four days, over a term of six months, with the agreed exit being refinancing onto a buy to let mortgage.  Roma has recently simplified, and speeded up, the application, valuation and legal requirements which means that most deals can now complete within just fifteen days. The new Fast Track service is offered on all cases including changes of use, conversions, HMOs, buying at auction and lending against un-mortgageable properties. Daniel Hill, Senior Bridging Specialist at Roma Finance, said: “This case highlights the need for not only speed, but delivering an excellent service to the introducer and the customer to meet their needs and deliver a positive outcome. Our new Fast Track service once again provided the required funds in just four days, enabling the customer to quickly acquire the desirable property and to get tenants in as quickly as possible. It was a pleasure to work with Loan.co.uk and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”  Aaron Noone, Regional Director at Loan.co.uk commented: “Having needed a lender who will offer the best LTV and time to completion, I was happy to use Daniel Hill at Roma. More so, as the case completed in just 4 days with no fuss. As a busy adviser with multiple transactions and a team to work with, it was a breath of fresh air to experience quality service like this. Great job guys.”...

Roma Finance lends over £1.3m in largest ever case

Roma Finance, the bridging and development finance lender, has provided a loan of £1.32m in its largest ever case. The customer had already purchased an industrial building near Manchester City Centre, and had started converting the building to twenty six luxury apartments when he ran out of money. Roma Finance lent sufficient funds to pay off the incumbent lender and complete the top floor comprising six duplex flats.  Roma met with the customer to look more closely at the transaction and visited the building which is in an up and coming part of the city with easy access to the centre and has plenty of local amenities. This indicated that the flats would be very desirable for buyers working in Manchester so facilitating future sales. The customer is an experienced developer having completed a number of successful residential and commercial schemes including leisure complexes, spas and gyms. On completion it is estimated the whole site would be worth in excess of £4m. The exit to the loan was already planned for with the quick sale of a number of the flats as soon as they were renovated. Having considered these factors Roma advanced the £1.32m bridging loan in just fifteen days. Despite the case being higher than Roma’s maximum loan size of £1m, the viability of the case and the experience of the customer meant that it was a case they could lend on. Meir Peer, Bridging Specialist at Roma Finance, commented: “This was a case where the borrower spotted a tremendous opportunity in a desirable part of Manchester and beat other developers to buy the building and start to renovate it. The loan required was more than our stated criteria, but every case has to be judged on its own merits, and in this situation we decided it was a case worth lending on, with a customer who had delivered quality projects in the past. We managed to provide the funds in just fifteen days using our new and highly streamlined fast track service which is exactly what the customer wanted and he was able to continue seamlessly with the renovations after we paid off his current borrowings.” The customer commented: “Thank you for doing the deal and for doing it in the time frame you said you would. I am very grateful and I look forward to doing many more deals in the future.”...

Roma Finance provide bridging for £1.7m new build houses

Roma Finance, the specialist bridging finance lender, promptly provided £248,500 bridging finance to allow a developer build two luxury detached houses. The site, in Solihull, already had an old property on the land, but the developers' plans required demolishing this dwelling and preparing the land for two new builds. When Roma reviewed the transaction, introduced by Kind Commercial, it was clear that it was a viable project. The developers were experienced and had a good track record in turning around new houses from the ground up. Planning was also in place for the new properties which meant the site would be ready as soon as it was cleared. The site was available for just £355,000 with the completed new houses being valued at £1.7m on completion. Roma visited the customer to help structure the transaction and quickly saw that it was an excellent development opportunity and quickly started the process of progressing the funds. The finance was in place in just nine days, for a £248,500 loan over 12 months, giving the developer enough time to prepare the site and arrange finance ready for the build of the two highly specified homes. The exit from the bridging loan was longer term development finance with a mainstream lender. In order to complete cases much quicker than the industry average, Roma Finance engaged with introducers and deliverability, speed of completion and simplicity were given as the three most important considerations when choosing a bridging lender. As a result Roma has simplified, and speeded up, the application, valuation and legal requirements which means deals can now complete weeks ahead of other firms and introducers get their fee and commission much earlier. The new Fast Track service has quickly become Roma’s standard way of working and is offered on all cases including changes of use, conversions, HMOs, buying at auction and lending against un-mortgageable properties. Daniel Hill of Roma Finance said: “This case was well thought out by the developers and their business plan stood up to scrutiny in order for us to be confident to lend on this site. It was a viable proposal with the completed houses having a very high value compared to the cost of the site and preparatory works. As is usual on our cases, we visited the site and discussed the best way to structure the transaction with the customer. “Working with experienced professionals meant that it was a very smooth transaction. Our new Fast Track process delivered the funds in just nine days meaning there were no delays to the customer in getting started on the site. We have worked with the customer previously and look forward to working with them again on future projects.” The customer, Lee Edwards, commented: “I have used Roma Finance for the last few years on several transactions. Roma Finance’s customer service is simply the best and we wouldn’t use any other lender. Their level of service is first class and they work through the lending proposal in a very professional manner and keep things moving every step of the way, keeping us informed at each stage too. We were delighted that the bridging finance we needed was delivered so quickly.”...

Roma Finance provide £543k bridging loan for investment property

Roma Finance, the bridging and commercial lender, has provided bridging finance for a customer to acquire an investment property in London. The introduction came from Monarch Sterling, who spotted Roma on twitter and were impressed with their fast track service proposition. They are a new introducer for Roma and had a customer looking to leverage the equity of one investment property to purchase another. The customer’s current buy to let property was worth £700k, and they wanted Roma to do a second charge in order to facilitate another purchase. However, after Roma met with the customer and went through the transaction, it transpired that there wasn’t enough equity for a second charge bridge to facilitate the purchase. But Roma reviewed the case carefully and were able to provide a loan of £543,000 over six months which allowed them to take the first charge out and still provide the customer with sufficient funds to complete the purchase. The customer would then refinance to a longer term loan to exit the bridge. There were obstacles along the way, such as language barriers, change of solicitors, and even the customer’s solicitors sending the original documents to the wrong firm, but Roma still managed to complete on the due date. Dan Hill, Bridging Specialist at Roma Finance, commented: “This was a very interesting case to work on and despite some challenges along the way, we were able to lend the amount required in the requested time frame. It’s also very pleasing that our service message was spotted on social media and an initial enquiry led to us completing our first case for a new introducer.” The introducer, Seun at Monarch Sterling Finance, commented: “It was great working with Roma. They simplified the process and made things quick and easy for our clients.”...

Roma Finance fund seaside holiday let conversion in 7 days

Roma Finance, the specialist bridging finance lender, delivered fast bridging finance for a customer to purchase and convert a property to a holiday let in the picturesque town of Saltburn-by-the-Sea. The property was a bungalow with an excellent location overlooking the beautiful coastline beach in the North Yorkshire seaside resort. The finance of £156,000 was funded quickly, with £126,000 provided on day one to acquire the property and the remainder six days later to get the conversion works started. Once converted the holiday let will have a GDV of £325,000 with an annual holiday rental income of £54,000 per annum. The loan was over six months with the customer exiting the bridge by re-mortgaging with a building society. Roma has recently implemented a new faster service process targeting completions in under fifteen days, and this loan was well below that target. The current industry average is 43 days (Source: Bridging Trends Q3 2017). The project to change the way bridging loans are processed saw 65 process improvements implemented in two stages. 29 key wins were introduced in July and the remainder on 1st October.  The results have been impressive and Roma now believes it leads the market with a consistent, transparent, predictable and unrivalled proposition. Commenting on the property conversion case, Daniel Hill, Bridging Specialist at Roma Finance, said: “We had to move quickly to provide the funding in the time scales needed by the customer and our new Fast Track process meant we were able to provide a very satisfactory outcome. The property was in an excellent location next to the beach and the business plan for a holiday let had been well thought out by the customer. As well as generating good ongoing income, it also meant there would be added value in the property due to the high quality of the conversion works.” The customer said: “The team at Roma offer a personal service that is unparalleled in my experience of property lending over the last five years. They are quick and efficient all the way through the funding process and we wouldn’t look anywhere but to Roma for our quick bridging requirements. Superb service on all levels.”...

Roma Finance funds £3.5m holiday lets and equestrian centre

Roma Finance, the specialist bridging lender, has provided funds for completing a variety of holiday let accommodation and new state-of-the-art equestrian centre after the customer had been let down by another lender at the eleventh hour. The introduction came from Positive Lending, who had heard about Roma’s Fast Track process whereby most deals complete within just fifteen days. This case was completed in just eight days. To ensure the case was funded within the timescale Simon Micklethwaite, one of Roma’s BDM’s, met the customer at the property the day after the case was agreed. The site comprised a bungalow, three cottages, seven holiday flats and 33 acres of land, so there was ample security and to cover payments with holiday let income. The value of the completed centre will be £3.5m. The bridging finance will help deliver a new purpose-built indoor arena so the centre can operate all year round. Looking at the breakdown of the transaction, the borrowers needed to redeem an existing first charge with a High Street bank. A further £500,000 was also required to complete the residential properties and build an equestrian centre and to provide enough working capital so the business could produce a set of accounts to help with a refinance exit strategy. Roma quickly agreed a bridging facility of £874,500 over 12 months. In line with Roma’s new faster service process, the funds were delivered in just over a week from when the borrowers paid the valuation and Roma’s legal fees. Commenting on the case James Oldham at Positive Lending said: “Roma was exceptional in service and speed to get my client’s loan funded. Daniel Hill and David Watkins stayed in contact daily with me (the broker) and the client to ensure that everyone knew where we were at every stage. The client could not be happier and nor can I, thank you.” The borrower commented: “Having been let down by another provider only days before delivery of our steel structure, Roma Finance stepped in to provide the bridging finance we needed. Within two days the case was agreed and a BDM travelled to the property to help understand the transaction. Only eight days after the original enquiry the funds were paid into our account. The new Roma Fast Track process really helped us. The underwriter was always available to discuss the case and the support from the business development team was excellent. Without the speed of turnaround we would have suffered months of delays as the whole delivery and construction window would have been lost, not to mention the manufacturers problems if they weren’t paid!” Roma Finance’s managing director Scott Marshall said: “I’m delighted that the transaction went smoothly and a satisfactory customer outcome could be achieved in this case. Our new Fast Track process helped deliver the bridging funding needed much to the delight of the customer and the introducer. Visiting the site and fully understanding the transaction is a vital part of our new process and this helped to speed up the quick decision making needed in cases such as these, where another lender pulled back from the case at the last minute. The business owners are experienced in this area and I’m sure they will make it a success.”...

Roma Finance deliver £200k to convert pub for family business

Roma Finance, the specialist bridging finance lender, moved quickly to provide funding for a family to purchase a land mark pub in West Yorkshire to operate their family business from. The pub was to have change of use as the family found it to be the ideal property in order to run their business, a bathroom company, interior design and a tea room! The customer needed the money quickly to ensure they didn’t miss out and Roma were able to provide the £200,000 bridging facility in just 14 days. The loan was over nine months, with the exit being refinance to their existing bank. With the customer being new to bridging finance, Roma Finance helped them every step of the way to ensure they fully understood the transaction and to move all the required documentation along as quickly as possible. They had a dedicated BDM who also visited the customer and the property to help explain the finance and to make sure the loan was progressed as quickly as possible. Simon Micklethwaite, BDM at Roma Finance, commented: “Working with a customer who was a first time bridging finance user, I was their dedicated point of contact for their bridging finance requirements in order to facilitate a fast turnaround. The pub was a very viable change of use project and was just what the customer wanted to run their family business. The customer was delighted with the speed at which the finance was delivered and they were very pleased with the high level of service myself and the team at Roma provided at each stage of the process.”...

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Simon Micklethwaite  - North East 07471 035 534

We provided a £200,000 bridging facility for the purchase of an empty pub in West Yorkshire with a change of use for a family to run their business from the property.

As the customer was new to using bridging finance, we provided excellent customer service every step of the way. The customer was extremely pleased with the level of service and the fast completion of the funding.

Daniel Hill - South East 07913 236879 A customer approached us for a bridging loan to pay off their current mezzanine lender and to finish off the last property on a development of four residential houses. We were able to lend £460,000 to the Preston-based customer who was delighted that the development was able to be completed.    

Roma Finance’s customer service unlocks £1m basement conversion

Roma Finance, the specialist bridging finance lender, demonstrated a strong commitment to post-funding service by going the extra mile to help a customer, who had been let down by builders, to complete a basement conversion in London. The customer spotted an opportunity to double the value of the mid-terraced property and appointed builders to carry out the work with funds from a £80,000 second charge. However, things didn’t go to plan. After the builders had been paid a substantial deposit and work had commenced, they disappeared. With the property falling into disrepair and amid a flurry of complaints from angry neighbours, the local authority issued an Enforcement Notice. The borrower, who worked full time in the NHS was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  He didn’t even have the funds for the remedial work let alone the money to complete the project.  And to make matters worse, his second lender wouldn’t help. Roma Finance, again demonstrated their renowned flexibility and ability to get ‘under the skin’ of a case. They quickly assessed the project and, realising the potential of the property, agreed to lend £250,000 to pay off the second charge, placate the local authority and complete the project. The bridging finance was released in stages subject to ongoing inspections. At the end of the loan term due to a backlog at the local authority, there was a three month delay to get the building inspector to undertake the final inspection which meant the borrower was unable to get a Completion Certificate that would have allowed him to re-finance and exit the bridge. However, Roma Finance once again demonstrated their understanding of a borrower’s issues and granted an extension to the term until Building Control had issued the Completion Certificate which enabled the customer to obtain his re-finance without being defaulted.Commenting on the case Roma Finance’s managing director Scott Marshall said: “This was one of those cases which we knew would be worthwhile for all concerned. Several other lenders wouldn’t lend because of the Enforcement Notice, but having met the applicant, we knew the issues were not of his making and we could see the property’s potential. We showed our understanding of the problems a customer can have with a project like this and despite setbacks, we stuck by the borrower and helped him realise the full potential of the project, when other lenders might not have been so understanding.  It’s often how a lender conducts themselves when things don’t go to plan that differentiates them from competitors. “We always try to do the right thing by our customers when they get into difficulties and deliver exceptional service backed by prompt, pragmatic underwriting decisions.” The borrower commented: “I would just like to thank the staff at Roma Finance for being polite, friendly and always accommodating.  I needed a bridging loan to fund a basement conversion in West Norwood, London which took longer than expected because of issues with building control. A special mention to Mr Scott Marshall who I found to be a very genuine, honest and kind person.”...

How we funded a £3.2m conversion of a nursing home to 2 luxury houses

Case File:
  • Borrower owned a family-run nursing home worth £1.7m
  • Planned to change business model from residential to domiciliary care, releasing the property for development
  • Already had a positive pre-app for conversion to two detached houses
  • Another major bridging lender couldn’t get their act together on time
  • Roma Finance lent the borrower £500k in one payment on a second charge to undertake the works
  • Once converted the two properties will be worth £3.2m
Roma Finance, the specialist bridging finance lender, has financed the conversion of a family run nursing home into two luxury detached houses. The applicant was a successful businessman having run the nursing home at the premises for more than 20 years. With increasing regulation in the nursing home sector, the borrower’s shrewd business plan was to use his experienced nursing home staff as domiciliary care workers, visiting patients in their own homes, and as the property became vacant, converting it into two individual luxury detached houses. The main part of the property was adjoined by a walkway to a large extension built in the 1980s, making the nursing home a substantial building. By removing the walkway between the two buildings, refurbishing the inside of each and creating separate access from the road with attractive landscaped gardens front and rear, the properties would be among the most desirable and modern in the area. On initial inspection by the local planning department, the borrower had been able to get a positive pre-app that planning for the conversion would be granted. Roma’s introducer had originally been working with another major bridging lender, but decisions weren’t happening quickly enough with restrictions put on the project that funds would have to be released in stages. This approach wasn’t necessary as there was sufficient equity in the property to enable funds to be released on day one thereby ensuring the conversion works would be completed as quickly as possible, once full planning had been granted. In stepped Roma Finance, who, after assessing the case and meeting the borrower face to face, offered the full £500,000 in one sum and the transaction was completed inside a week. Commenting on the case Roma Finance director Scott Marshall said: “With such a credible and experienced borrower who already owned the property for more than 20 years, it was clear from the outset that the business plan to change the focus of their care and to free up the magnificent property to convert it to maximise its potential on the open market, was viable and achievable. “Being a local businessman, the borrower knew the property market well in that area and turning a large nursing home into two separate dwellings showed a high degree of commercial acumen with clear objectives, which could yield a profit of around £1m.” The borrower commented: “I have taken bridging loans out for property transactions in the past, so I’m an experienced borrower. Roma Finance acted promptly and professionally throughout the whole loan process, with positive and focused contact. They were very straightforward to deal with and I always knew where things were up to.  A pleasure to do business with. I even voted for them recently in the Financial Reporter Awards as Best Short Term Lender and was delighted to hear that they were Highly Commended. In my opinion, richly deserved!”    ...

Roma Finance funds £750k seaside property in 2 days

Case File:

  • Borrower paid £750k for building comprising 6 apartments
  • Developer will see a healthy profit within 6 months following a partial refurbishment
  • Loan completed in 2 days

A savvy property developer snapped up an historic building in a Yorkshire seaside resort with fast funding and expert support from Roma Finance, the Manchester-based bridging lender.

The freehold property comprised six large luxury apartments in a tranquil setting close to the sea in a traditional holiday town. The finance was needed in order to acquire the building within a particularly restricted timescale insisted upon by the vendors, with exchange taking place late on Christmas Eve.

On a previous project, the borrower had been disappointed by another bridging lender’s somewhat ponderous responses; after being recommended to use Roma Finance by his solicitor, the matter moved forward extremely quickly.

Roma received the initial call from the London based borrower at 5pm one evening and immediately arranged a meeting for the following morning at 7am. Given the urgency of the transaction, the borrower paid Roma’s valuation and legal fees at that meeting and Roma immediately issued instructions to their valuers and solicitors.

The loan was over three months and completion of the agreement took place just two days later. Following completion of the purchase, six new long leaseholds were created and the apartments placed on the market early in February and three have already been sold (STC).

Roma Case Study 2

The well-proportioned Georgian property in a picturesque setting was acquired from the mortgagees-in-possession and fortunately part of the work had already been done by the previous owner.  At the time of purchase, five of the six apartments were tenanted and those tenants were given notice on exchange of contracts, so that vacant possession could be obtained shortly after completion.

Commenting on the case Roma Finance director Scott Marshall said: “This is a good example of a borrower spotting a brilliant property project and buying it quickly to maximise the opportunity. By doing this he gave the project a much higher yield and made the business plan work out very much in his favour.  This is only the first of many projects we are likely to do with him. We had to pull out all the stops to get the case funded quickly, but with our expert team which included our valuers and solicitors, we were able to provide the funds needed within 48 hours.”

The borrower commented: “Roma Finance restored my faith in the bridging sector by acting quickly and in a very professional manner.  I was particularly impressed that the Agreement in Principle was issued within an hour of them getting the basic information about the property and project.

“I was delighted at the way Roma took a genuine interest in the project and, furthermore, completely understood my plans and income projections for the building. The finance was completed in double quick time which ensured that I was able to comply with the vendor’s timetable. I would certainly not hesitate to use them again on my future projects.”


Roma Finance re-bridges £400k in 5 days to allow BTL landlord time to plan an exit

Case file:
  • Borrower required £400k to exit a bridging loan from another lender
  • Property worth £700k and let to 5 separate tenants
  • Roma researched HMO licensing in the London Borough of Southwark
  • Borrower will require a licence early in 2016, but granted a grace period
  • Roma met borrower twice in London to finalise the transaction details
Roma Finance, the Manchester-based bridging and development lender, has succeeded in lending £400,000 over 6 months with a five day completion to a borrower to repay an existing bridging lender to give them more time to find low cost longer term finance. The borrower’s discounted rate with their existing lender had come to an end but she wasn’t in a position to redeem their loan. As is the case with all their borrowers, Roma Finance met theborrower to get an understanding of their situation and how best to structure the loan in order to ensure that the borrower could successfully repay Roma Finance’s loan within the required timescale. The security property comprised a South London mid-terrace Victorian BTL residence worth £700,000, currently let to five separate tenants on Assured Short Term Tenancy Agreements. In order to help the borrower secure an exit from their bridging loan, Roma Finance researched the requirements for HMO Licenses in Southwark and found that from January 2016, the property would require a license. Therefore as part of the re-bridge, the borrower agreed to apply for a licence within three months of the new loan completing in order to help her obtain a low cost BTL mortgage. Scott Marshall, Operations Director at Roma Finance, said: ”Re-bridging other lenders loans has become quite a popular way of providing a borrower with more time to resolve their bridging finance debt while still benefitting from the speed and advantages of short term finance. “As usual we went above and beyond what is normally done by a lender to complete a loan, by not only meeting the borrower but also by researching the HMO regulations to help the borrower obtain an exit from our loan. That’s the Roma Finance way.” The borrower was introduced to Roma Finance by Geoff Platts of Lerwick Group, who commented: “I knew Roma were potentially the right lender to look at a re-bridge case such as this. They were fast, with a five day completion and still took the time and trouble to assist the borrower with valuable HMO licensing information that helped seal the deal. Roma Finance delivered the solution, much to the delight of the borrower.”...

Roma Finance rescues million pound barn and equestrian centre development as building society gets cold feet

Roma Finance, the Manchester-based lender, recently came to the rescue of the Finance Director for a well-known blue chip company who had been badly let down by one of the UK’s major building societies when they pulled the plug on a self-build mortgage. The borrower was looking to buy a derelict barn for conversion into a highly specified luxury home in a beautiful setting in rural Worcestershire which would be worth over £1m on completion. The borrower, a former British international horse rider, was looking to add an equestrian centre with separate groomsman’s residence set in over 8 acres of land. Roma Finance had initially provided a £210,000 facility to cover the site acquisition and the building society had agreed to fund the project. When the news came, just prior to the expiry of the loan, that the building society was pulling out of the self-build mortgage market, Roma Finance quickly stepped in and agreed to fund the entire £500,000 scheme and 100% of the build costs. The construction took eight months and the borrower was then able to obtain a mainstream mortgage to exit the bridging loan. Scott Marshall, a director at Roma Finance, said: “This was an example of Roma Finance getting under the skin of the overall project rather than just looking at one aspect of the case. It was clear to us that since the property was being bought at a favourable price and that both the development and on-going business were viable, it was a development we could fund. In addition, by building a strong understanding of the borrower’s knowledge and vast experience of the equestrian industry, we were certain she’d make a success of the project and we were able to lend quickly where others had hesitated.” The borrower commented: “Roma Finance provided a bespoke solution to enable us to purchase a great investment opportunity at a special price if we could complete quickly. They invested a great deal of time to ensure the loan was tailored to suit our specific requirements and completed to the vendor’s deadline, and ours. We could not have built the barn without their support for which I am very grateful. Many thanks.”...

Roma Finance funds a hat-trick of pubs for HMO conversions

Case File:
  • Clients comprised of a team of experienced builders and BTL landlords who saw an opportunity for HMO accommodation
  • Sourced 3 vacant ex-public houses for change of use
  • The 3 pubs will be converted to provide in total 54 rooms
  • The 3 properties were in an area where there is a significant shortage of accommodation
  • Roma Finance provided £240k over 12 months for the purchase and renovation works
Roma Finance, the bridging and development finance lender, helped two Midlands based property entrepreneurs purchase a string of pubs in the Lake District to convert to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). The clients saw a gap in the market when they learnt that there is to be increased investment in the area and were looking to acquire the pubs in order to satisfy the increasing demand for rooms from contract workers. The business partners completed their research and found three former public houses that they planned to convert. One is to be a twenty six bed HMO and the other two will both be fourteen bed HMOs. HMOs are well known to offer the potential of higher rental yields and the clients did their sums to make sure they were viable. Although the pubs were structurally sound they were not in good condition and due to the nature of the project they needed a specialist lender that could deliver the finance they needed within a short time frame for the refurbishment and change of use building works. The client’s introducer put them in touch with Roma Finance who specialises in financing the renovation and conversion of property to other uses by landlords, businesses and property developers. Roma Finance met the entrepreneurs to understand their project and plans for the properties. After hearing of their experience and well thought out plans for the pubs, three separate loans were agreed – one for each property – totalling £240,000 over twelve months. The exit will be a commercial re-financing of each of the properties once they are converted and up and running as HMOs. Scott Marshall, Operations Director at Roma Finance, said: “This was an exciting case as it’s always a pleasure to work with clients who not only have vast experience in converting property but also did their sums to make sure the yield calculations were favourable too. It was also a pleasure to see unused buildings, in this case pubs, being brought back to life with a positive change of use that will help the growing workforce and the local community.”...

Roma Finance saves local Post Office with bridging loan

Case File:
  • Borrower needed £70k over 6 months
  • The local Post Office had recently closed
  • Farm shop and 4 acre plot valued at £140k
  • Bridging loan used for expansion and buying opening stock for the business
  • Borrower will exit the bridge by moving home to raise the capital
  • Borrower now looking to raise funds via Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) to relocate Post Office to a central village location
Roma Finance acted quickly to help a borrower save a Post Office near Glastonbury which had closed down due to the owner retiring and the borrower wanted to reopen it as part of his thriving farm shop business. Alerted to the situation by a new introducer, Roma Finance met with the borrower to discuss the bridging finance needed to reopen the Post Office and the business aspects of the case. The proposal was to relocate the local Post Office to the borrower nearby, popular farm shop, and the bridging loan of £70,000 was to cover property alterations to the shop to accommodate the new venture and to provide finance for opening stock. The farm shop was used as security for the loan. It was on four acres of land, and was valued at £140,000 by a local chartered surveyor. To exit the bridge, the borrower would take the proceeds from the sale of his main residence which was on the market for £800,000. The borrower was to move to another property in the village. The borrower is also looking to raise money via an EIS, which offer favourable tax allowances for investors, to fund relocating the Post Office to a more central village location. £80,000 has already been raised and they now just need another £150,000 to put the Post Office back in to the heart of the community. Commenting on the case Daniel Hill, Lending Manager at Roma Finance, said: “This was a complex case to work on but as the ultimate goal was to help continue a vital Post Office service to a community, it was a very worthwhile one. The borrower had a proven local business with a farm shop that had been trading successfully for eighteen months and when the Post Office closed down, took it upon himself to arrange to transfer it over to his nearby shop. There was plenty of equity in the farm shop and land for the loan, and with the sale of his house he had a planned exit route too. “This is one of those cases that only happen every so often and to help a local community is an added bonus for all involved in the transaction.”...

Roma Finance resolves family feud with buyout bridge

Case File:
  • Borrower’s father bought residential investment property from his father who fled abroad with £500k
  • Borrower’s father left with a £300k mortgage and realised property didn’t have planning permission for residential use
  • A sale was agreed at £380k without residential planning but fell through because the bank refused to give a redemption figure as their mortgage book was being sold
  • Father stopped paying mortgage, the bank froze his accounts and he was declared bankrupt
  • Following a super compliant which went to the Bank’s CEO, an agreement was reached for a sale to proceed at £135k with no further obligations
  • Roma Finance met the borrower and quickly agreed a bridging loan for £120k over 6 months
Roma Finance, the Manchester-based specialist bridging lender, were able to resolve a difficult and complex case involving three generations of a family and a dispute with a major UK clearing bank lasting several years. The case was introduced by John Waddicker at Positive Bridging Finance. Previously other lenders had not been able to assist the family, but Roma Finance agreed to take a closer look to see if they could help. It all started with the borrower’ grandfather selling his son, the borrower’s father, a residential investment property for £500,000 in 2006. The son, believing there would be no issues with the purchase, didn’t carry out any searches and took out a mortgage with a major UK clearing bank for £300,000. Almost immediately after the sale went through, the grandfather disappeared, leaving our borrower’s father with a property which didn’t have planning consent for residential occupation. After several years of trying unsuccessfully to sort out the planning, our borrowers’ father agreed a sale without planning for £380,000. However, the sale fell through because the bank refused to provide a redemption figure as they were trying to sell their loan book to another major UK bank. The father, by now completely disgruntled stopped paying his mortgage. In response, his bank account was frozen which resulted in him eventually becoming bankrupt. Following a lengthy complaint procedure which went as far as the bank’s CEO, the father reached an agreement whereby he could sell the property for £135,000 and release himself from any further obligations. In addition, he had also reached an agreement with the local planning department to obtain change of use to residential. Our borrowers, the father’s sons, committed their life savings of £15,000 as part of the transaction. Roma Finance was able to confirm the story was genuine, agreed to fund £120,000 towards the sons’ purchase and a further advance once residential planning consent had been obtained. Once the change of use had been obtained, the borrowers paid off Roma’s bridging loan with a buy to let mortgage through another High Street bank. Scott Marshall, director at Roma Finance, commented: “By meeting the borrower we were able to get a complete picture of what had happened from the beginning of the father’s journey with this particular property. We made sure we took the time to understand each step and why events had turned out the way they did. This is the Roma Finance way. Despite the many difficulties encountered, we were able to confirm the family’s story and provide a bridging loan for them to release the family from the relationship with their bank, whose actions were beyond reproach.” John Waddicker, Director at Positive Bridging Finance, said: “This was one of the earliest cases we gave to Roma and it really demonstrates their pro-active approach. They do what they say they are going to do, they do it quickly and by meeting the borrower, they were able to get under the skin of this complex transaction. Following this and other successful payouts, they’re now a preferred lender of ours. I can see Roma growing from strength to strength in this marketplace. Scott and the Roma Finance team have a great pedigree which gives me a good deal of confidence in them.” Because of the nature of this particular case, the borrower has requested anonymity, but one of the sons commented: “Everything went smoothly with our transaction and it was a pleasure to work with Roma Finance. Hopefully we will get a chance to do some more business in the future.”...

Roma Finance save borrower £400,000 with 48 hour debt forgiveness bridge

Case File:
  • Borrower had agreed a debt forgiveness deal at the start of May and had to repay by Friday 29th May 2015
  • Roma Finance was contacted on Wednesday 27th May because the borrower had been let down by 2 other lenders’ slow credit process 
  • The borrower required £365k otherwise the debt would have reverted back to £750,000 Roma Finance met the borrower, spoke to the valuer and completed all the legal work within 48 hours
  • Roma Finance, the Manchester-based specialist bridging lender, met an extremely tight deadline to save a borrower almost £400,000 in a complex debt forgiveness case, when a borrower found themselves let down by two other lenders.
During the borrower meeting on Wednesday evening 27th May, Roma were told how the original mortgage was miss-sold as unbeknown to theborrower the bank had sold them a £750,000 hedged foreign exchange mortgage product on their two buy to let properties. The borrower needed to pay off the bank who owned this debt and had been to two other lenders who promised much but delivered little and time was running out. The borrower only had until 4pm Friday to repay the bank £365,000 or else the debt would go back to £750,000. The clock was ticking. The valuations on the 4 properties had already been done and because of this we knew they were good security at the right amount. The solicitors were instructed first thing Thursday morning and to the borrower’s delight Roma Finance released the funds on Thursday afternoon in readiness for completion on Friday morning. Scott Marshall commented: “Meeting the customer was critical to this deal and that discussion helped us understand the background & dynamics of the transaction. The borrower had owned the properties for nearly 10 years and they represented good security, so I was happy to progress the case in order to meet the tight deadline. The borrower, who had a strong profile, had agreed a debt forgiveness amount with the bank and had a good strategy for exiting our bridge. “It was then a case of going flat out to meet the deadline, using the slick processes we have and our trusted legal partners who worked incredibly fast, I liaised with the bank to put us in the position of being able to lend and at the same time save the borrower almost £400,000. This case shows the importance of meeting every borrower and looking at every case from every angle to get the deal over the line. This is the Roma way.” Because of the nature of this particular case, the borrower and broker have both requested anonymity, but separately commented: The borrower, Mr G emailed: “Thanks all for all your hard work over the last couple of days. Romadiscussed the case late Wednesday then delivered to plan. Great stuff chaps. Well done.” The broker said: “I would like to thank Roma Finance for arranging this bridging facility in 48 hours after we were badly let down by one of the larger bridging lenders. The service my borrowers and I received was excellent and I am very pleased with their whole attitude to conducting business professionally and efficiently. This is how it should be and I’ll surely will be using your services again in the future. Keep it up.”...

Roma Finance fund credit crunch victim to progress new build development and repair credit profile

Case File:
  • Borrowers had a bank halt a major project during the credit crunch in 2008
  • Were successful property developers but needed finance for a new build project of a 3,000 ft2 house
  • Roma Finance provided a £235k bridge over 6 months to release bank charge so project could start
  • Plot of land for new build on the estate worth £250k
  • Cottage in grounds also worth £250K
The credit crunch came quickly and unexpectedly and many experienced property professionals were affected.  Having had a string of successful developments, the bank pulled finance on a major build in 2008 and these borrowers lost a significant amount of money and their credit profile was severely affected. When Roma Finance met the borrower to review the proposal, they owned an estate comprising a main residential property and a separate cottage sat on over an acre of land. The primary residence was worth £600,000 but this had a mortgage on it of £600,000, a £50,000 second charge and 5 equitable charges on the title. The plan was to partition the land so that it could be sold with planning for a new 3,000 sq ft house. The building plot with planning permission was worth over £250,000 and the sale of the plot would be used to exit the bridge. Once sold, phase two will be to extend and renovate the cottage so its value could also be maximised. After fully reviewing the proposal and the opportunity to repay loans and restore the borrower’s credit profile, Roma Finance provided a £235,000 bridge over 6 months to release the second & equitable charges on the property & repay a substantial element of the residential mortgage, allowing Phase 1 of the project to get underway. Scott Marshall, Lending Director of Roma Finance said: “This case highlights the benefits of the way Roma Finance does business, meeting every borrower and fully understanding their property experience and their plans. Many experienced people were affected by the credit crunch and, through no fault of their own by banks pulling the plug on projects, found themselves with good long term assets but also some debts they found difficult to reconcile. Having worked closely with this borrower, they have demonstrated their experience and we will now back future developments. “In fact we are already discussing the next project which focuses on extending & renovating the cottage on the estate. This is worth £250,000 now, but valued at £500,000 when refurbishment works are completed, so we are pleased to have turned the situation around for this particular borrower” James Hardwick of Charleston Financial commented, “We’ve been working with Roma Finance for a while now and this case is yet another example of how they look at deals differently from other bridging lenders.  These were entrepreneurial borrower with a strong background in development.  The case was approved within 24 hours of the Borrower Visit and funds were released 7 days later.  A great service once again.”...

Roma Finance provide double bridge for stunning historic Tudor Mansion conversion

Case File:
  • Tudor mansion in Chester nestling in 3.5 acres of land
  • Borrower bought for £715k but bank couldn’t act fast enough
  • Roma Finance provided a £300k bridge over 6 months
  • Mansion to be converted to 18 self-contained highly specified apartments
  • 3 cottages in the grounds to be renovated and sold at £200k each
  • Roma Finance also provided £50k bridge in stage releases for cottage renovation works
Nestling in 3.5 acres of landscaped gardens and with three cottages ripe for renovation, the Tudor mansion was bought by a borrower for £715,000. Once owned by well known Cheshire family and more recently used as a care home, the borrower aimed to convert the property into 18 flats finished to a very high internal specification. Three cottages also came with the development and the borrower realised that for a small cost, they could be renovated and converted to highly desirable residential houses. The borrower needed to move quickly to secure the property, but after extensive negotiations with his bank, they just couldn’t deliver the finance in time. That’s where Roma Finance stepped in. They visited the property and met with the borrower to fully understand his plans for the mansion and cottages and quickly realised the excellent potential of the project. It was agreed to structure the bridging finance over two separate loans for each of the buildings. For the Tudor mansion a bridging loan of £300,000 was provided over 6 months. For the cottages a loan of £50,000 was agreed, to be paid in stage releases as the renovation works are completed. When checking the local property market, the borrower and Roma Finance realised the cottages once refurbished could sell for £200,000 each, providing funds required to exit the bridging loans. This would mean that the mansion would then be unencumbered, and as there is plenty of land, the future plan is also to cordon off 1.5 acres and sell or build on it for further gains. Scott Marshall, Lending Director of Roma Finance said: “This case shows how we can quickly understand all the aspects of the case and see the big picture and future potential in a development. With multiple properties and spare land to develop further it was very exciting to work with an experienced borrower to bring the property back to life and help him reach his goals, particularly when the mainstream bank couldn’t deliver in the timescales needed. “All aspects of this case stack up to a terrific development which can deliver returns for the borrower quickly to exit the loans and provides the opportunity for even more profit by building on the land currently not used. “We are already discussing working with the borrower again for this and other projects.”...

Roma Finance lends £100k on buy to let conversion and takes a commercial view on rights of way issue

Case File:
  • Roma Finance provides £100k in two tranches
  • £50k for purchase and £50k (100%) for conversion costs
  • Property was a kitchen workshop unit converted to residential use under Permitted Development Rights
  • Roma spotted and took a view over a rights of way issue
  • Loan introduced by Brightstar Bridging
The borrowers bought a single storey kitchen workshop unit in a popular Hertfordshire town, with a view to converting it into a one bedroom, one bathroom residential buy to let. The borrower, introduced through Brightstar Bridging, paid £85,000 for the workshop and the plan was to convert it into a very conveniently located residential property under Permitted Development Rights. The conversion works were estimated at £50,000. In all, Roma Finance provided two tranches of bridging finance; £50,000 towards the purchase and the same amount for the full cost of the renovation work. The property is now on the market at £220,000, which should realise a substantial profit for the borrowers, who are already talking to Roma Finance about their next project. As they do on all of their cases, Roma Finance undertook a site visit to better understand the case. They viewed some other projects the borrowers had been involved with and were satisfied they had a credible proposition and experience of successfully renovating property.
IMG_1551 During the legal process, it was discovered there was a right of way at the back of the workshop for deliveries. The reason this became so important was that this legal access right fell away on conversion to residential use. However, because of the site visit and understanding of the geography surrounding the property, it was clear that in practicIMG_1553al terms access to the property would not be compromised and so Roma took a ‘common sense’ approach and released funds. Scott Marshall, Lending Director t Roma Finance, commented: “This case highlights the importance of the site visit to thoroughly understand the legal issues that can crop up when underwriting a case. We knew that this was a good property in an excellent location with a high return for the borrower, so we made every effort to resolve the right of way easement and I’m happy to say these concerns were answered by our expert team.”   Kit Thompson at Brightstar Bridging said: "Roma Finance provides exceptional service to our borrowers and to ourselves. Not only did they take a sensible approach on a potentially material issue but post completion our borrower asked for the loan structure to be reviewed. To their credit, Roma Finance looked at the case again and made it more viable for our borrower. Sometimes it's how a lender reacts when things don't go to plan that defines them, and Roma Finance delivered solutions to the borrower and us as brokers. That's why they are a broker's lender."...

Roma Finance stave off a repossession of development site with £429k bridge in 5 days

  • Roma Finance provide £429k for site with planning for four houses
  • Agreement in Principle issued within 1 hour
  • Staved off the site being repossessed by another lender
  • Complex case with 2 Intercreditor Deeds & 5 debenture holders involved
  • Loan introduced by Intelligent Loans
Roma Finance acted quickly to help a borrower who found themselves in a difficult situation with time running out. Despite the case being a complex one, Roma Finance’s experience and expert knowledge of development and bridging finance meant that they were able to complete a complex case and provide funds in just 5 working days from the initial enquiry. Having received the case from Intelligent Loans on the afternoon of Tuesday 3rd February, and discussing it with the broker, an Agreement in Principle was issued within the hour for a £429,000 first charge bridging loan. The borrower accepted the in-principle terms on Wednesday 4th February and Roma’s solicitors were verbally instructed the same day.  The case would have completed even more quickly if the borrower would have instructed his own solicitor earlier than Friday 6th February! As with all Roma Finance loans, a borrower meeting was held, and this was promptly arranged on site for Thursday afternoon 5th February. The site was as described a very well located plot in a much sought after part of Cheshire with planning for four houses. It was clear from the site visit that the site had excellent potential and the houses to be built would be highly desirable for families in the area.  Despite the threat of repossession of the site by another lender, Roma Finance could see the potential of it and having met the borrower had confidence in the case. By 8am on Friday 6th February, the loan was approved on the terms of the original in-principle agreement and funds were transferred to Roma’s solicitor for completion on Tuesday 10th February. Scott Marshall, Lending Director at Roma Finance said: “This was a complex case involving 2nd and 3rd charge holders and Letters of Non-Crystallisation from 5 other debenture holders. And, with the borrower facing repossession of the site, time was of the essence. Using our experience and judgement, we were also able to rely on an historic valuation and of course a site visit, which we do on all our loans to better understand the borrowers’ situation and bridging needs. It was very satisfying to complete such a complicated loan so quickly. “Once again we worked closely with Intelligent Loans, one of our broker partners, and the good business relationship we enjoy helped to ensure the borrower got the funds required in time for them to refinance the other lender and able to move forward with their development project.”...

Roma Finance discovers Planning Discrepancy which saves Borrower’s £700k Property Renovation

  • Borrower needed funding to renovate a unique property
  • Roma Finance lent borrower over £200k to help complete the renovation
  • Funding also provided to property developer for refurbishment works and to pay off previous lender
  • Property will be worth £700k and finished to high specification
  • Roma Finance discovered a discrepancy in the planning permission missed by previous lenders which would have rendered the property unsaleable
  • Packager Intelligent Loans introduced the case
  Roma Finance, the Manchester-based bridging finance lender, has successfully lent over £200,000 for a borrower to refinance and renovate a property in an historic and desirable village in Gloucestershire. The property is a 3 storey, 4 bedroomed house which had been in the same family for over a century. It was already worth over £400,000 in its dilapidated state, but will be worth around £700,000 when completed and prepared for market. The case was presented to Roma Finance by the packager Intelligent Loans, and £320,000 was already owed to another lender. The £200,000 was used in part to pay off the other lender, and the borrower entered a JV with a reputable local property developer for the remaining funds to complete the building works. As Roma Finance were underwriting the case it became evident that the borrower hadn’t implemented a previous planning consent correctly. This would have left the borrower with a real problem had it not been highlighted as it would have left them with an unsaleable property.  Enquiries were made with the local authority and it was agreed that as a condition of the loan, the borrower would re-submit for the correct planning consent within 20 working days of completion. The borrower intends to sell the property to pay off the bridging loan and should be left with a healthy surplus as the property is highly specified in a much sought after village location. Scott Marshall, Lending Director at Roma Finance commented: “This case really demonstrates our individual approach to property bridging finance. Firstly, in order to enable the borrower to pay off their previous lender and renovate the property we entered into two funding arrangements. One with the borrower and one with a property developer who funded the works. “Secondly, we noticed a discrepancy with the planning consent. This could have caused real problems for the borrower and the incumbent lender, but we were able to recommend a way for it to be resolved, which didn’t impact on the security of the loan,  and will clearly benefit the borrower and the developer as the property should be much easier to sell once the renovation has been completed. Not all bridging cases are the same, and this case shows that it’s important to have the expertise and experience to properly review and progress cases that aren’t always as straightforward as they at first seem.” Tom Hill of Intelligent Loans (www.intelligent-loans.com), commented: “Roma Finance have always provided excellent customer service and once again did not disappoint. I was approached by a new introducer with a case that had gone around the houses with no packager or lender being able to complete the loan. The team at Roma Finance discussed the borrower’ situation in great detail and offered scenarios where they could resolve the issues other lenders couldn’t. Their flexible and common sense approach to lending is a breath of fresh air and regularly wins them deals over other bridging lenders.”  ...

Roma Finance look beyond the façade to see the potential in renovating

The borrower was an experienced builder in Chester and he and his business partner bought a derelict semi-commercial terraced property at auction for £50,000 comprising a ground floor shop with accommodation above.
  • Borrower couldn’t raise funds from other lenders
  • Renovation finance needed with huge potential
  • £50k lent in stage payments
  • Bought for £50k at auction, now valued at £260k pre-completion---chester---external
While another lender procrastinated, Roma Finance went to visit the property and met the borrowers to discuss their plans. Although not in a good state of repair, the locality provided good housing and shopping amenities. It seemed obvious that having been empty for 25 years, the local authority would grant consent for a change of use – indeed the borrowers already had an application in for the renovation to provide a shop and two flats or four flats. As the project was discussed it became apparent the borrowers were experienced property professionals, pointing out three other properties they had fully refurbished on the same road, demonstrating they were extremely familiar with the local housing and rental market. Roma Finance provided the £50,000 needed for the refurbishment which was drawn down in stages as the work, monitored at each stage by Roma Finance, progressed. Once the work was completed the estimated value of the flats was £260,000. To exit the loan, the borrowers re-mortgaged with another lender on a longer term basis.
pre-completion---chester-internal Scott Marshall, Director at Roma Finance commented: “Many lenders still work remotely and never get out to see the properties they lend on. But at Roma Finance we like to find out the real story behind a renovation such as this. As soon as we visited the property its potential was obvious and the borrowers experience meant they were going to maximise its potential. “What’s really pleasing now is that the borrowers are embarking on a major renovation of 36 houses in the area and we are already in negotiations for providing the finance for this exciting project.” post-completion---chester-internal...

£375,000 bridging loan provided for day nursery, prior to planning being granted

Case File: The borrower wanted to purchase a 5-bed detached executive home for conversion to a day nursery. Other lenders had turned the case down as planning permission for the conversion to a business hadn’t been granted. However, Roma Finance met the borrower and discussed in more detail their business plan - with or without planning permission. The detached house was worth £610,000 on the open market and it had an indoor swimming pool, which would be used to provide swimming lessons, paid for separately to the day nursery. With borrower only requiring £375,000 the LTV was easily acceptable. Also, the borrowers already ran another day nursery so they had experience of running a successful business in this market.
  • Funding needed for a detached house
  • Planning submitted to run a day nursery
  • If planning not granted borrower had a viable backup plan
  • With low LTV and business potential, Roma funded £375k
During discussions it became apparent that behind the house a development was underway on a new housing scheme, with 5,500 new family homes being built, an ideal target audience for a day nursery, which when built would significantly increase the value of the business. By digging a little deeper in to the way the business was going to be run, with two income streams (from the nursery and swimming lessons), and a ready made market with the new housing development, Roma Finance then discussed with the borrower the possibility of planning not being granted. The borrowers clearly demonstrated they had thought this possibility through too. The backup plan was to start a child minding service from the property, which didn’t require planning permission. The business model still provided a suitable income as it could still be supplemented by offering swimming lessons to local children as an extra income stream. With a thorough understanding of the borrower’s plans and opportunities whether planning was granted or not, Roma Finance provided the £375,000 requested. Scott Marshal, Director at Roma Finance said: ”Because we like to get to know how a business is going to operate and any fall back options, we were able to provide the funding where other lenders hesitated. Obviously planning permission is vital for any business, but as the borrowers had a second business model based on not getting the permission, this made our decision a lot easier. Also, with a second income being derived from the swimming lessons, sufficient income was going to be generated to cover the loan payments. “I’m pleased to say that although the planning application is still in progress, staff have been recruited and the child minding business is about to start. Because Roma Finance looked closely at the big picture and didn’t get hung up solely on the planning angle like other lenders, we have helped a worthwhile business get off the ground.” The borrower will refinance the bridge on a longer term mortgage once either of the two strategies has been proven....

Roma Finance lend £310,000 for borrower to maximise return on stunning mansion conversion

Case File:
  • Borrower needed funding to renovate spectacular mansion
  • Other lender wouldn’t commit in the required time frame
  • Roma Finance provided two tranches of funding
  • Broker, y3s Bridging and Commercial, paid commission on both fundings
  • Borrower  now has long term rental income from house and 6 luxury flats
There has been a lot of talk since the recent budget that buy to let property will be used by a growing number of people as part of their pension planning. This is borne out through the example of this project funded quickly by Roma Finance to help a borrower undertake a renovation to provide long term rental income. Roma Finance were also able to provide a second facility to help get the most from the opportunities this property provided.
Mansion-flat-internal---pre-refurb After spending two months trying to get funding from another lender and their borrower  paying out for legals and fees, the broker, y3s Bridging and Commercial, finally decided to try another lender and called Roma Finance one Friday morning. Although they hadn’t worked with Roma Finance before, they had heard about their individual approach and ability to help borrowers when a case gets stuck and clear decisions just are not being made. The property was a much sought after old mansion nestling in beautiful parkland bought by the borrower  for £790,000 with a loan from a High Street bank. The plan was to convert the property into a spacious family home, together with 6 luxury 2 bedroom apartments, which would be rented out. After receiving the call on Friday morning Roma were on site meeting the borrower on the Sunday morning, gave an immediate on the spot in-principle agreement and the borrower  had £110,000 by Tuesday which enabled the borrower to complete the conversion of the first 2 flats. The borrower then requested that his broker raise a further £200,000 to convert 4 further luxury executive lets in the mansion which would be finished to the highest standards. At this point the broker was considering using another lender, but quickly realised that many lenders would only lend on the value of the property as the project progressed, not on its final value after work was completed, which would not provide enough finance to finish the conversion. Having seen work done so far on the completed apartments and realising the full potential of the income when the refurbishment was complete, Roma Finance stepped in again to provide the additional funding in stages as the work progressed, but based on the ultimate value of the property. Roma Finance also built up a good relationship with the broker, who was paid the same as a gold packager with other lenders, despite Roma Finance putting in a lot of project management time to get the conversion funded. With the work done, the valuations are impressive. The site as a whole is worth £1.8m, with the 6 flats worth £200,000 each and the remainder of the mansion is a substantial family home valued at £600,000. However, for now they are not for sale. The rental income will be used by the borrower  to provide long term income into retirement. The growth in asset value may be realised at a later stage as the house or one or more of the flats could be sold separately to release funds if required. Mansion-flat-internal---post-refurb The borrower said “I was very impressed with Roma’s speed and attentiveness. Unlike other lenders in this space they made significant efforts to get to know me and fully understand the project.” Scott Marshall, Director at Roma Finance said: “This was a very satisfying case to work on as it demonstrated the value of our individual approach to lending by working closely with the broker and the borrower  to provide separate finance as the case progressed, with the objective of getting the most out of two renovations”. “Releasing funds in stages is also something we have experience in and could monitor progress as we released extra funding. Not many lenders would have spent so much time on a case to ensure a viable outcome for the borrower, but this is what we pride ourselves on at Roma Finance as every case is different and requires individual attention.”...


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